River Stour (Kent) IDB
34 Gordon Road
Canterbury, Kent
01227 462377


The  River Stour Internal Drainage Board’s role is to provide cost effective internal land drainage, flood protection and flood risk management for both the rural and urban areas within its boundaries.  We take into account the interests of local communities, wildlife and conservation, and we work closely with Kent County Council, Local Authorities and the Environment Agency and other stakeholders.

This page provides access to our Policies, Scheme of Delegation, Codes of Conduct and Privacy Statement.

Document Title Format
Policy Statement PDF - 224KB
Scheme of Delegation PDF - 86KB
Employees Code of Conduct PDF - 194KB
Member's Code of Conduct PDF - 217KB
Whistle Blowing Policy and Confidential Reporting Code PDF - 427KB
Gifts and Hospitality Policy PDF - 201KB
Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy PDF - 291KB
Anti-Bribery Policy PDF - 287KB
Risk Management Strategy and Policy PDF - 415KB
Privacy Notice PDF - 109KB
East Kent Beaver Advisory Group Statement PDF - 92KB
Beaver Consultation document 2021 PDF - 264KB
RSIDB response to beaver consultation 2021 PDF - 157KB